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We design great websites and all sorts of interactive products from start to finish 

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What We Do


Essentially, this site was for the use of Wix and it multi-functional capabilities of creating fresh, new, websites that any user can customise without the need for masses of HTML coding!

This then grew to a multiplatform of services.

Who We Are

I am just an avid fan of photography, filming and GADGETS!!

I'm a regular Father who applies all the knowledge gained from filming my family, and sports associated with my family and extending it out to the wider UK.

About Wix Essentials

  • Wix Webpages

    • New Websites

    • Modifying existing Wix websites

    • Fixing, enhancing existing Wix websites

  • Photography

    • Sports Photography

    • Family Portraits

    • Weddings

    • Events

  • Drone Work

    • Simple drone filming

    • Advanced drone filming

    • After filming editing

    • Full film creation

How We Work

Really quick, really easy, fill in the form on the Contact page - specify what the requirements are in the freeform box.

We'll get back in touch and get you started!!!

What We Believe

I have the gadgets, I have some really good real-life experiences in drone work and action photography.  I may not be an uber cinematic professional, but the need for quality service, competitive pricing and overall satisfaction is what small companies and the general public are looking for.

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